Report: outreach seminar, November 14, 2018

Report: outreach seminar, November 14, 2018

14 November 2018 at 10.00 am held information-educational seminar exploring innovative Japanese technologies and materials in contact correction.
The seminar program included theoretical and practical training.

Only published data with pharmaceutical level of evidence were presented to the audience.

The seminar discussed the following issues:

  • The concept of hidden discomfort and the risk of stopping using contact lenses.
  • An integrated approach to the assessment of complications in contact lens.
  • Clinical examples and recommendations for the use of lenses, taking into account the specifics of the interaction of the biological system eye – lens – solution, tactics of patient management.
  • Analysis of the compatibility of different groups of lens materials and solutions, their effect on the structure of the eye, one-day lenses, as prevention of reactive and infectious complications.
  • A meaningful approach to the choice of contact lenses for different age groups of patients.
  • Clinical examples of effective use of lenses in solving problems of discomfort and complications

And also presents the full characteristics of contact lens materials of the latest generations of leading manufacturers in the industry.

The practice is aimed at practicing the skills of handling contact lenses, familiarity with the new contact lens "1day Miru" Japanese company "Menicon" in innovative packaging. Technique of biomicroscopy as the main method of assessing the correctness of the selection of contact lenses.

Speaker: professional adviser of the company "Novalex Group", associate Professor of the Department of ophthalmology p./f. Rnsmu. N. And. Pirogov, candidate of medical Sciences T. V. Pavlova, doctor-ophthalmologist of highest category with a wide experience of teaching and practical activities in the field of contact correction of vision, including in children.