Novalex Group

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lenses distributor in Russia

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for active people


The “Novalex Group” company was founded in 2018. We are expanding upon the business and professional traditions of the “Grand Lens” company –a world renowned contact lenses distributor.



We are always in the move. Novalex Group’s employees are continuously studying at the ophthalmology departments of Russia’s leading medical universities.



Our aim is to help each person, not everybody.
Our company’s experts will create the best possible offer for you considering your individual characteristics and lenses’ wearing conditions.
You will see everything with your own eyes!


«As professionals, we work only
with highest-quality products»

Bella Nisan

Doctor of Medical Science,
Novalex Group founder

«Novalex Group’s principles correspond
with the eye care philosophy in France and Japan»

Mr Anotole DIEP

President de Menicon SAS

«Our plans for the future
are to see it as clearly as possible»

Jean-Michel RIEDWEG

Chief EMEA Sale Officer


Report: information and educational seminar on November 14, 2018

10-12 October 11 Nationwide ophthalmological forum-ROOF 2018.

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